agreeable landscape

1. pleasant 2.delightful不知道对不对,望采纳!

这个应该是说气候宜人吧!pleasant weather 仅供参考!

我们国家的气候非常宜人The weather in our country is very pleasant.我们国家的气候非常宜人The weather in our country is very pleasant.

a pleasant climate..

高冷 Elegant indifference 冷[lěng] 形 cold; cold in manner; frosty; unfrequented 动 cool; [方]cool; freeze; ignore 名 (姓氏) a surname

The climate here a warm and pleasant

你好.译为:Because of the pleasant climate in summer.如有疑问请继续追问.

fridge 英[frd] 美[frd] n. 电冰箱; 冷冻机; 全部释义>> [例句]Do you mind if I raid your fridge? 不介意我搜刮一下你的冰箱吧? 更多例句>>


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